Introducing the World of Cielle

Cielle Professional, Cielle Romance, Cielle Balance, Cielle Goddess.
The modern woman is a master of the art of balance.

The world of Cielle is a blog and collection of elegance, sophistication, and personality. Designed to complement the Cielle jewellery line, it's a project where beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, will seamlessly amalgamate. 

A combination of two French words, 'ciel' (sky) and 'elle' (she), 'cielle' is a woman from the sky. She is a goddess. The ideal of the modern woman is a goddess who uses accessories not simply as adornments, but to reveal a part of her personality, or conceal it. 



The world of Cielle combines four different themes: Cielle Professional, Cielle Romance, Cielle Balance, and Cielle Goddess. They all combine into the woman who is independent, a risk-taker in work and life alike, timelessly classic, and as much of an ingénue as she is seductive. 

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